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ABA article "Hoop Bell Toys, Hoop Chime Toys & Rolling Hooples," Part III Supplemental

The American Bell Association has published in their magazine, The Bell Tower, my article, “Hoop Bell Toys, Hoop Chime Toys & Rolling Hooples.” Part I was in the March-April 2019 issue pages 9-22, Part II was in the May-June issue, pages 9-20, and Part III will be in the July-August issue.
When I began researching and writing the article I thought this would be a short piece, perhaps a few pages. It turned out to be a lot more than a few pages. Part III focuses primarily on patents. I was surprised when found over 50 related patents. The last part had to be whittled down dramatically to fit in the magazine, so many of the patents are not in the article. I am putting these patents and some other related items that were edited out of the article on this web site.
If you are seeing these patents and have not seen the article, you may wish to get copies of the magazines. If so, please contact Ron Weaver at 210 819 3349. You may also want to consider joining the ABA . https://americanbell.org/

Many thanks to Marilyn Grismere for all her patience editing my couple page article....

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